Our Fish Gelatin is tested to the highest standards using in-house quality control procedures and outside Accredited Laboratories. All Third party Laboratories must meet the guide lines of the Standards Council of Canada.
All Fish Gelatin and Collagen Products meet the United States, European, and Asian Pharmacopeia specifications for Trace Metals and Microbiology. The narrowest specification is applied to the Certificate of Analysis for our Customers Satisfaction.

All Batches produced are fully tested and certified prior to Exporting. This reduces the risk to our Customers and eliminates the potential of a Recall.
Kenney & Ross Limited is the only manufacturer that currently tests each batch of Gelatin/Collagen for Allergens by an independent, accredited laboratory. The Lab is using an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to measure the amount of allergen in the collagen. The allergen in fish is parvalbumin and is a water soluble protein.

The commercial ELISAs used to measure peanut protein have a sensitivity of 1 – 2.5 ppm. The ELISA we use to measure the fish allergen has a sensitivity of 0.02 ppm which is 50 times more sensitive.

pdfDried Fish Gelatin Technical Data Sheet
pdfHydrolyzed Fish Collagen Technical Data Sheet
pdfHigh Tack Fish Glue Technical Data Sheet
pdfHiPure Liquid Gelatin Technical Data Sheet
pdfPhotoengraving Glue Technical Data Sheet



Our Raw Material Safety Data Sheets provide information on the safety of our products and any of their additives.
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